The “Villa Igea” agricultural estate (Tenuta) was acquired by the present owners in 2001, who caringly transformed the property into the beautiful, yet highly efficient olive grove that is there today.

The property currently covers 17 hectares, which include two hectares of deciduous woodland, and 6,5 hectares being dedicated  to certified biologic Extravirgin Olive Oil production. Fortunately, the vast majority of our trees are high producers, a benefit derived from old mature stock.

The oils produced in the grove are a blend of the more traditional significant olive varieties synonymous with the region, such as: –  Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino olives. The grove has over two thousand fourhundred trees in production, which is a good sized property for Lucca standards, but still quite small compared with the huge industrial producers of Italy.

The tenuta (agricultural estate) currently produces a range of oils, which next to our standard “Extravirgin Organic Classic” now include, Lemon, Peperoni, Basilicum, Truffle and Pipless. In 2004 “Igea Oil” has been officially registered to be an “Organic product,” therefore all our pure oil products carry the correct designated labelling.


Although this Tenuta has been in existence for centuries, the “Igea” brand is new, exclusive, and its oils have never been commercially exploited. After some years of refinement, the “Igea oil” brand is now well established and is becoming known as having a natural outstanding quality, a subtle fruity taste and strong aroma, with a remarkably low acidity. These facts are encouraging, and give confidence to increase production to support demand.